Mimi’s Famous Hand Stretched Mozzarella

Our mozzarella is hand made fresh all day & everyday. It’s an art, and we have it mastered. We offer our slightly salted, no salt, smoked mozzarella, mozzarella & prosciutto di Parma, Primosale, Primosale with peppercorns, Primosale with olives, and Primosale with olives & walnuts.

Fresh Pastas

Here at Mimi’s we make fresh pasta, ravioli’s, cannelloni, manicotti, stuffed shells and more daily. There are over 30 different flavored fresh frozen ravioli available daily throughout our store. Some of our top sellers are ricotta, meat, spinach & cheese, butternut squash, lobster, shrimp, sausage & broccoli rabbi, smoked mozzarella & roasted pepper, just to name a few. Cannelloni’s are made with a handmade crepe that cut like butte., filled with ricotta, spinach & cheese, veal, beef, eggplant, vegetable to name a few. Stuffed Shells also come filled with ricotta, spinach & cheese, meat, chicken, vegetable and more. We make potato gnocchi with ricotta, spinach, roasted pepper, sweet potatoes. We also make tortellini and tortellini’s filled with over 8 different fillings. Cavatelli rolled to perfection, with or with ricotta. Over 20 different cuts available daily for fresh egg pasta mage with a bronze dye. Our pasta’s come I wide variety of shapes and sizes, using the finest durum wheat, semolina, and tippo 00 flours domestic and imported.

Olive Oils, Balsamic’s, Tomatoes, Pastas & More

Mimi’s has a fine selection of Olive oils, Balsamic’s, Glazes and more throughout the store to help finish off any dish. We have a number of different Olive oils Imported from many different regions of Italy, Greece, Chile, and more. We import our own Extra Virgin Olive Oil that 100% Italian olives from a small family in south Puglia, Italy.

We have our own certified San Marzano tomato’s imported directly to our Hollywood location several times a year. We import our own peeled tomatoes from the Puglia region also. We have a 18 year aged balsamic, no sugar added, thick bold balsamic that complements our handmade fresh mozzarella that second to none. We have been importing our own dry pasta from a 100 year old factory in Naples Italy for the past few years, while continuing to hold a huge selection of the Giuseppe Coco Pasta, as well. We carry many top name branded oils, balsamic, dry pasta’s as well as our own, giving our customers a large variety and selection to choose from.

Home Made Cookies, Biscotti’s, Cakes & Pastries… Old School

Our homemade cookies and biscotti’s make you feel like you just rewalked that old neighborhood block back in Brooklyn New York. We continue to amaze our self in the new recipe biscotti that we come up week to week, while remaining to pound our staple cookies & biscotti everyday. It starts with the rainbow cookie, 7-layers, whatever you want call them, there just the best.. The tricolor color Italian flog is represented with three layers of almond and marzipan layered cakes, held together by our own raspberry jam, then topped and bottomed with a thin layer of the perfect chocolate, that makes you orgasm every bite! We have Dalmatian cookie that are chocolate chip cookie, filled with chocolate fudge, and once more dipped in chocolate to make every chocoholic dreams come true. Our Almond Biscotti are make with the finest almond paste, baked, cut, and the toasted to make every bite just crunch. We make over 30 different flavored biscotti, from fig & walnut, red velvet, apricot & white chocolate, Sour Cherry, Baci, Chocolate Chip, Pistachio, tuti fruity, and the list goes on. The butter cookies just melt in your mouth every bite, Raspberry, Apricot, or Chocolate filled cookies dipped into chocolate, and then dipped into sprinkles of all colors.

Our cakes are all hand made on premise from the traditional Ricotta cheese cake, tirmisu’s, Rhum Cake, Chocolate Mousse, Carrot Cake to name a few. All cakes can be custom made to size, fillings, shapes, you dream it, you name it , we create it.

Our pastries are also made fresh every day, and Cannoli’s are filled to order all day long. We make Cannoli’s, Sfogliatelle, Éclairs, cream puffs, lobster tails, pastachote’s, and many Italian specialties everyday. Mini pastries, large pastries, platters, cookie trays, we have them all.

Prepared Foods, Fresh & Frozen Everyday

Mimi’s has tons of prepared foods made fresh available by the pound, container, box, how every you desire it. Our family recipes that grandma use to make, are displayed everyday in our show case for our customer to enjoy with families every night. He have a 20 prepared case with faro salad, octopus salad, tortellini salad, roasted peepers, stuffed artichoke, special eggplant rollatini, fresh chicken cutlets, veal cutlets, pasta al forno (Annelletti with beef and green peas), and the list goes on and changes very day. You need to visit this place to just understand us at all.

If you throwing a party, or feeding a few, we make catering platters of everything you can think of. Italian fish salad is the biggest hit every holiday; we make a Italian seafood payia, we have all chicken and veal dishes (parmesan, marsala, francaise), eggplant parm and rollatini, hand make meatballs that melt in your mouth, shells, baked ziti, zit & broccoli and list goes on. For those who don’t want to cook all week, we have over 40 different fresh frozen meals ready to buy in our freezer that once warmed up, makes you feel grandma just served you dinner.

Gluten Free Pasta’s, Dinners, Cookies

We have developed a gluten free line of handmade pasta’s, dinners, and cookies that most cannot tell the difference. We have Fresh frozen cheese ravioli, spinach ravioli, cheese stuffed shells, gnocchi, lasagna strips. We have Ravioli, lasagna, gnocchi, and stuffed shell dinners that are Gluten free. We have also created rice gluten free, raspberry filled, chocolate dipped butter cookie that flies off our shelves faster than we can make.