Mimi’s has tons of prepared foods made fresh available by the pound, container, box, how every you desire it. Our family recipes that grandma use to make, are displayed everyday in our show case for our customer to enjoy with families every night. He have a 20 prepared case with faro salad, octopus salad, tortellini salad, roasted peepers, stuffed artichoke, special eggplant rollatini, fresh chicken cutlets, veal cutlets, pasta al forno (Annelletti with beef and green peas), and the list goes on and changes very day. You need to visit this place to just understand us at all.

If you throwing a party, or feeding a few, we make catering platters of everything you can think of. Italian fish salad is the biggest hit every holiday; we make a Italian seafood payia, we have all chicken and veal dishes (parmesan, marsala, francaise), eggplant parm and rollatini, hand make meatballs that melt in your mouth, shells, baked ziti, zit & broccoli and list goes on. For those who don’t want to cook all week, we have over 40 different fresh frozen meals ready to buy in our freezer that once warmed up, makes you feel grandma just served you dinner.