Here at Mimi’s we make fresh pasta, ravioli’s, cannelloni, manicotti, stuffed shells and more daily. There are over 30 different flavored fresh frozen ravioli available daily throughout our store. Some of our top sellers are ricotta, meat, spinach & cheese, butternut squash, lobster, shrimp, sausage & broccoli rabbi, smoked mozzarella & roasted pepper, just to name a few. Cannelloni’s are made with a handmade crepe that cut like butte., filled with ricotta, spinach & cheese, veal, beef, eggplant, vegetable to name a few. Stuffed Shells also come filled with ricotta, spinach & cheese, meat, chicken, vegetable and more. We make potato gnocchi with ricotta, spinach, roasted pepper, sweet potatoes. We also make tortellini and tortellini’s filled with over 8 different fillings. Cavatelli rolled to perfection, with or with ricotta. Over 20 different cuts available daily for fresh egg pasta mage with a bronze dye. Our pasta’s come I wide variety of shapes and sizes, using the finest durum wheat, semolina, and tippo 00 flours domestic and imported.